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What Is A Fractional CFO?
A Fractional CFO Is A Part-Time CFO At A Fraction Of The Cost Of A Full-Time CFO 
Why Do You Need A Fractional CFO?
Our Research Has Proven That The Function Of A CFO Is Truly Only Required For About 30 Hours A Month And In Our Current National Economic State, All Business Can Afford A Cost Break
What We Do For You As A Fractional CFO

Accounting & Finance Support

Working with your team, we review and support the creation of accurate data from the accounting department. Everything from job costing, inventory turns, A/P, A/R ratios that generate cash flow information that we then help your team turn into weekly, monthly, and quarterly operating plans and forecasting strategies.

Post COVID-19 Plan

As the world continues to manage the interruption of COVID-19 we will help you create and develop internal information that will help you endure the tough times ahead. We will create a business plan for COVID and 2021 with the information we gather from your organization. We will also be your advocate as it relates to internal and external decisions affecting your business.

Leadership Training

Owning and managing a business is not as easy as one would imagine where our leadership programs are custom designed to help you and your leadership team become better co-workers, better managers, and better stewards of your company. 

Process Review - LEAN

We create and develop better and more efficient processes for your organization that will help you adjust costs and profits while we manage through the interruption of COVID-19. Now more than ever we have to be more aware of costs versus profits in your organization.

2021 -2022 Operating Plan

Our Frac CFOs will create, develop, and manage operating plans that not only reflect what your business "should" be doing relative to the outside world, but what you business is "actually" doing and advise you accordingly. 

Install SOPs

Standard Operating Plans are the "go-to" for every business and you should have them in your organization. As Factional CFOs we create, develop, and install SOPs, regardless the business you run.

Employee Inspiration

Inspired and motivated employees are the most important assets within your organization where we develop and nurture your organization's best qualities and transfer that to encourage and stimulate motivation and inspiration within your company.

Article In Forbes.com by Mike Ford | Forbes Councils Member | Forbes Finance Council 

Want To Learn More About Our Fractional CFO Services

Is Your Business Less Than $2mm In Annual Revenue?

Is Your Business More Than $2mm In Annual Revenue?

2021 Customized Business Financial Analysis
Do Employees Really Like Working Here; Leadership, Process, and Employee Motivation
by Luis Luarca PhD
The notion of human psychology in organization management is a curious one as the term rarely fits into organization management properly nor is it often that organization leadership is willing to go down that road. The curious question is why? Why don’t organizations make more of an effort to understand employees by first understanding what employees are, humans. 

Times are tough where you need executive level guidance to navigate the rough waters ahead. This book helps a little. Let our Fractional CFO help the rest of the way.
  • Rooted in human behavior, this publication helps organizations understand basic human psychology as it relates to individual personal development in the work environment. It is our basic human desire to be acknowledged, accepted, and recognized that propels our motivation to be..
  • The importance of understanding some aspect of human cognition helps organizations better develop organization processes by including employee input and team development relative to the needs of the organization because in the end, employees are the users of the organization, not leadership. 
  • Employees are eager to participate, want to be included, and want to help. The development of organization needs should include all levels of any organization from leadership to the line level worker. By way of this publication, team building is enhanced by understanding basic human psychological development as humans look to be a part of something, a part of something bigger than the individual, something that is clearly defined and has clear direction to a goal – the work environment.
Leadership - CFO is the brainchild of Luis Luarca PhD who has spent the better part of twenty years consulting small and mid-sized organizations in the U.S. and Mexico. In a CFO capacity, Dr. Luarca improves business operations by developing and installing tools that help organizations manage and control cost & expenses. 

Dr. Luarca has mastered the process by which Real Internal Growth is achieved in the most difficult of economic times. Even in down economies with negative gross sales, Dr. Luarca has been able to organically create positive EBITDA. 

Dr. Luarca is an advocate for up-to-date and relevant processes that not only contribute to profitable operations via SOPs, but up-to-date and relevant processes that enhance and inspire employee motivation. Dr. Luarca is a champion for employee inspiration and motivation ensuring all of his projects protect if not create employment.

Luis Luarca PhD

Fractional CFO | Consultant | Published Author | Key Note Speaker

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