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What Is A Fractional CFO?
A Fractional CFO Is a Career CFO Who Works Part-Time at a Fraction of The Cost of a Full-Time CFO 
A fractional CFO is a seasoned financial professional who partners with businesses like yours to provide expert financial guidance on a part-time basis. 
Our Fractional CFO is an expert plain and simple who brings extensive experience, strategic insights, and a deep understanding of financial best practices to help you navigate the complexities of today's business landscape.
Why Do You Need A Fractional CFO?
Full-Time CFOs Are Expensive. Very Expensive.
Our Research Found That Only Great CFOs Can 
Effectively and Efficiently Function in Any Size 
or Type of Business Within 40 Hours Per Month
Recession Proof Your Business NOW!
Don't let financial complexity hold your business back. Embrace the future of financial leadership with a fractional CFO.
Some Areas We Can Help
 Oversight in closing the monthly books and managing financial reporting
 Mentoring and coaching your current accounting department
 Increase reconciliation processes and increase cash flow
 Support, review, and manage budgets and tactical operations 
 Add visibility by way of process, procedures, structure, and organization
 Facilitating and executing strategic planning with key stakeholders
 Examine internal controls and technical accounting rules (GAAP)
 Analyzing cash cycle (A/R, A/P, SG&A), and costs (job costing)
 Evaluating contracts with customers, vendors, and banks
 Coordinating outside vendors (banks, CPAs, etc.)
 Business plans, investor presentations, Dashboards, Valuation

We invite you to experience the transformative 
impact of partnering with a fractional CFO. 
Let us help you optimize your financial performance, 
drive growth, and unlock your business's true potential.

Schedule a no obligation 15-minute Zoom call with our CFO SME. Together, we will tailor a solution that meets your unique business needs and sets you on the path to sustainable financial success.

Sign Up Now and You Receive...

  • An Expert Fractional CFO: A true expert in finance and accounting, process engineering, and much more
  • Jr. Accountant: Along with our Fractional CFO you will get a Jr. Accountant who supports our Fractional CFO!
  • Free Book: Do Employees Really Like Working Here; Leadership, Process, and Employee Motivation
  • ​Resources: Access to CPAs, Controllers, Attorneys, and More
  • Discounts: Special Pricing on 3-Month and 6-Month contracts, Software, and Training Programs
  • CEO Roundtable Membership: Membership to Our Exclusive CEO Roundtable Where You Will Meet and Discuss Relevant Business Issues with Your Peers 
  • Library Access: Exclusive Access to Case Studies, Videos Training, and More
  • ​CEO Mentor Zoom Meetings: One on One Zoom Meetings with A CEO In Your Industry
Specific Fractional CFO Services

Accounting & Finance Support

Working with your team, we review and support the creation of accurate data from the accounting department. Everything from job costing, inventory turns, A/P, A/R ratios that generate cash flow information that we then help your team turn into weekly, monthly, and quarterly operating plans and forecasting strategies.

Post COVID-19 Plan

As the world continues to manage the interruption of COVID-19 we will help you create and develop internal information that will help you endure the tough times ahead. We will create a business plan for COVID and 2021 with the information we gather from your organization. We will also be your advocate as it relates to internal and external decisions affecting your business.

Leadership Training

Owning and managing a business is not as easy as one would imagine where our leadership programs are custom designed to help you and your leadership team become better co-workers, better managers, and better stewards of your company. 

Process Review - LEAN

We create and develop better and more efficient processes for your organization that will help you adjust costs and profits while we manage through the interruption of COVID-19. Now more than ever we have to be more aware of costs versus profits in your organization.

2023/2024 Operating Plan

Our fractional CFOs will create, develop, and manage operating plans that not only reflect what your business "should" be doing relative to the outside world, but what you business is "actually" doing and advise you accordingly. 

Install SOPs

Standard Operating Plans are the "go-to" for every business and you should have them in your organization. As Factional CFOs we create, develop, and install SOPs, regardless the business you run.

Employee Inspiration

Inspired and motivated employees are the most important assets within your organization where we develop and nurture your organization's best qualities and transfer that to encourage and stimulate motivation and inspiration within your company.

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Some Of Our Accomplishments

A worthwhile experience for my entire business and employees. We now have the ability to organize and grow. We are now able to understand the importance of costs to jobs and inventory in their simplest of terms. We now have a plan for the future. 
Hemco Industries - Houston, Texas

We implemented budgetary tracking, cash flow, and job costing protocols that will allow this company to become more profitable. The entire experience was intense, but beneficial and satisfactory. I would recommend this to any small business, especially those who deal with nepotism and ingrained business cultures. 
Dodds Monuments - Xenia, Ohio

We needed to get organized in order to implement ISO 9001-2008, but we also needed to understand the cost of DIS organization. We were really struggling at organizing because we were growing so fast, but we learned how to do both while monitoring and managing operating budgets, inventory costs, and the cost of just in time supply chain.
Precision Grinding - Birmingham, Alabama

The business simply could not operate without some level of loss year after year and our customers continued to display their frustration at our 45 day lead time. We were able to increase lead times to 5 days, install QC processes, reduce rework, waste, and customer returns as well as reduce employee turnover. What a transformation in such a short amount of time.
Nema Enclosures - Houston, Texas

My business was growing exponentially year over year and I had to get my costs under control. We were growing too fast. We were able to capture processes and costs of those processes and develop an operating budget that was true to the business. Once we corrected that, we were able to install structure and organization.
Thrustmaster of Texas - Houston, Texas

We needed to figure out why certain projects were profitable and other projects were not. It seemed as if I was spending way too much on material and not getting the right return. We were able to capture costs by conducting and internal audit of our material vendors over the last year. From there we were able to develop and inventory system for each project and track profitability. 
Pioneer Electric - Manassas, Virgina

Article In by Mike Ford | Forbes Councils Member | Forbes Finance Council 

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