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Luis Luarca PhD has spent the better part of twenty years consulting small and mid-sized organizations in the U.S. and Mexico. 

In a CFO capacity, Dr. Luarca improves business operations by developing and installing tools that help organizations manage and control cost & expenses.

Dr. Luarca is an advocate for up-to-date and relevant processes that not only contribute to profitable operations via SOPs, but up-to-date and relevant processes that enhance and inspire employee motivation. 

Dr. Luarca is a champion for employee inspiration and motivation ensuring all of his projects protect if not create employment.

Dr. Luarca has mastered the process by which Real Internal Growth is achieved in the most difficult of economic times. Even in down economies with negative gross sales, Dr. Luarca has been able to organically create positive EBITDA. 

Fractional CFO | Consultant | Published Author | Key Note Speaker

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