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Benefits Of Your One-Day Business Financial Analysis Include...

  • Review of your current YTD and LYTD financial data related to operations (not tax data). Review consists of sources and uses of cash, working capital, job costs, current COGS, current SG&A expenses, and marginal contribution of COGS to sales.
  • ​Review impact of COIVD-19 interruption to your business as well as your customers' business and your supply chain's ability to supply your needs because of COVID-19
  • We will review LOC frequency, cash on hand, AR/AP policies and procedures to ensure they are relevant and up to date as it relates to COVID-19. Inventory turns, WIP, sales backlog, long and short term debts and their stress on the business. Gross margins v. EBITDA.
  • We will review burden rate for the business as well as job costs where applicable. Examine operational bottlenecks and processes that delay delivery of customer products.
  • Analyze and report on the financial posture of your business to determine its health over the next year or two. Develop SOPs for reporting relevant and important financial data.
  • Establish protocols and forecasting scenarios that identify current and future trends related to COVID-19 and its negative impact on your supply chain, customers ability to purchase from you, and a process by which you can ensure consistent jobs for your employees.

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*Expenses Will Be Invoiced For On-Site Visits 

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